Elysian Fields Farm

Elysian Fields Farm
Raising lamb holistically and united in the philosophy of care and respect. The final product is served at the finest dining establishments in the country and also available for your home table.

Elysian Fields Farm is 200 acres of farmland in Greene County, Pennsylvania and the home of the “Safe Alternative method,” a highly strategic quality control system used at Pure Bred Lamb to ensure the delivery of the best possible lamb product.

Pure Bred’s Keith Martin and Thomas Keller offer a new perspective on one segment of this industry, raising lamb, a method that puts the animal first and as a result makes what this farmer and this chef believe is the best possible lamb.

The farm offers the highest quality product to restaurants across the country and specialty food retailers in the Pittsburgh area. They also offer the same product for the home consumer on their website.

Waynesburg, PA 15370