Brief Summary: Agricultural family fun featuring food, rides, events, livestock, truck and tractor pulls and live music.

The Greene County Fair has been around since 1867. The original site was at the current Waynesburg University Football Field. The fair ran on and off until 1890 when there was no fair. In 1893, E.M. Sayers bought the fair at auction for $6,200.

In the early 1900’s, the Carmichaels fair was advertised as the “Greene County Fair”. In 1911, the fair changed hands once again and they were purchased by R.S. Sayers Farm. This is the current site of the fair.

The fair has continued to run since 1946 and is located in the same place. The Greene County Fair Board organizes the fair and they set the fair for the first full week of August every year.

They offer many competitions during the fair. They have the Fair Queen Contest, Livestock competitions, Home & Garden, and Hot Farm & Farm Stock Tractor Pulls. Other events at the fair include Chaos in Coal Country, carnival rides and fair food daily.

Website Address: www.greenecountyfair.org
Phone Number: 724-627-9160
Address: Location: 107 Fairgrounds Road, Waynesburg, PA 15370
Mail: P.O. Box 806, Waynesburg, PA 15370
Brief Summary: Rural-area agriculture fair that is said, “you can’t die happy until you have been to the Jacktown Fair.”

The first Jacktown Fair happened October 3-4 in 1866. The fair has a rich long history. Events have changed over the years at the fair, but the first fair included many competitions, like livestock, needlework, farm machinery and horse racing. Today’s fair still includes the different competitions, but has added others over the years like truck and tractor pulls, rides and motocross races.

Some historical firsts have happened at the Jacktown Fair. They were one of the first in the area to offer a night fair. Gas lamps were installed at the fairgrounds in the 1920’s. Then, in 1939 the gas lamps were replaced by electric ones. The fair also featured a wedding in 1932.

In 1946, the horse races ended at the Jacktown Fair. They were replaced by the popular horse pulls.

The fair celebrated their 100th year in 1965. Come see the rich 150 plus year history at the Jacktown Fair, because “You can’t die happy until you have been to the Jacktown fair.” For more information on the fair visit www.jacktownfair.org.

Website Address: www.jacktownfair.org
Phone Number: 724-428-3637
Address: 440 West Roy Furman Highway, Wind Ridge, PA 15380
Brief Summary: Provides the residents of Greene County with trusted, unbiased, science-based information delivered through high-quality education programs including 4-H Clubs.

Penn State Extension is a modern educational organization dedicated to delivering science-based information to people, businesses and communities. They provide the residents of Greene County high-quality education programs such as 4-H, Master Gardeners, workshops and conferences.

Website Address: https://extension.psu.edu
Phone Number: 724-627-3745
Address: 26 West High Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370