Brief Summary: Bicycle PA Route A starts in Mount Morris, PA and follows the twist and turns of the Greene County back roads. As a rider, you can follow this route for a few miles or a few hundred miles. The whole route is 199 miles and ends on the shores of Lake Erie.

Bicycle PA Route A follows the historical State Route 19. On this journey in Greene County, you can see everything from historical Mail Pouch Barns, beautiful views, and all sorts of wildlife. This bike route is for the more experienced road biker.

Mail Pouch tobacco barns are scattered throughout the county. Originally in Greene County there were 30 barns but only seven are left today. The Greatest Mail Pouch Barn painter, Harley Warrick could have touched these barns. He joined a crew in 1946 and continued to paint up until 1992 when he retired.

Bicycle Pa Route A follows Route 19 all the way to the shores of Lake Erie. The entirety of this trail is 199 miles and passes through many historic towns in Western PA.

Address: Route 19
Brief Summary: An easy and scenic trail that follows a closed dirt road with two iron bridges along the stream through a forest ecosystem with special interest for bird watchers and wildflower enthusiasts. The in-and-out trek is approximately 6.5 miles by turning around at a flood-control dam near a gate in the road.

The Enlow Fork Natural Area is located close to the Greene and Washington county borders. The trail is approximately 6.5 miles long and goes through some of the best river bottom forest in the Allegheny low plateau.

The trail is a bird watchers dream, birds of all species are scattered around the area. Some include the Midwestern and Carolinian (Southern) species of birds. Bring your binoculars and see what you can find.

This land and trail protect many different species of wildflowers. The main wildflower in this area is the Blue-Eyed Mary. This flower is a prairie-remnant species.  The flower has hints of dark and light blue on the petals.

All these beautiful pieces of nature can be seen on your hike in the southwestern Pennsylvania woods. Come to the Enlow Fork Natural Area, and see everything for yourself.

GPS coordinates are 39.961076, -80.462700. The trail is located at the end of Smoky Row Lane which is located in State Game Lands 302.

There is on-site parking and access to the trail is located at the end of the parking area.

Brief Summary: Promotes the educational, recreational, cultural and historical aspects of the park, and reconnects individuals and families with the outdoors.

Ryerson Station State park is home to 11 miles of trails that spread across three trails. The three trails include views of the entire park. The park also includes camping, swimming, fishing and winter activities.

Winter activities include cross country skiing and snow shoeing throughout the park. You have access to this in the winter months from dusk to dawn daily.

The park includes 46 campsites for tents and trailers. It also offers two cottages for rent. All these campsites have views of the entire park.

The park is open 365 days a year from dusk to dawn. The day use area close at dusk during operation times.

There are parking areas at the park and public restrooms throughout the park.


Follow PA-21 W/W High St., continue to follow PA-21 W for 18.1 miles, make a slight left onto McNay Ridge Rd., Drive for 2.0 miles, turn left onto Bristoria Rd., destination will be on the right.

Phone Number: 724-428-4254
Address: 361 Bristoria Road
Wind Ridge, PA 15380
Phone Number: 724-852-5323
Address: 107 Fairgrounds Road
Waynesburg, PA 15370
Greene River Trail
Brief Summary: A 5.2 mile rail trail that runs adjacent to the Upper Monongahela Water Trail greenway providing a tranquil view of the river for its users. Trail accommodates those interested in walking, jogging and bicycling.

About 60 miles south of Pittsburgh, the Greene River Trail parallels the Monongahela River as it winds through the coal mining region of Greene County. Originally used as a rail corridor, the Greene County Department of Recreation opened the trail in 2001 as a nature trail.

Driving through the river valley to the trail, you can glimpse several large coal mining operations just over the east ridge of the river. Remnants of older mine operations that processed and loaded coal onto railroad cars and river barges can still be seen along the trail. It’s easy to imagine the days of old when barges ran up and down the Monongahela River to transport coal to the Ohio and Allegheny rivers in Pittsburgh.

The 5.2-mile trail starts in Millsboro at the Green Cove Yacht Club trailhead. Once on the trail you follow Ten Mile Creek for less than a mile to where it flows into the Monongahela River. From there, the trail runs south along the river through a stretch of peaceful, scenic woodlands. The smooth trail surface is well maintained, and the trail is enclosed by rustic wood fencing along much of the route.

You’ll encounter many sweeping views of the mighty Monongahela River and glimpses of the beautiful nature and peaceful surroundings of Greene County. At about mile 3, you enter the town of Rices Landing. As you enter the township, you pass W. A. Young & Sons Foundry and Machine Shop, a restored working 19th-century machine shop open to the public during the summer. Rices Landing, directly on the riverbank, offers a few local amenities to take a break for refreshments or a small bite to eat. You can also to begin your ride from the Rices Landing trailhead.

After Rices Landing the trail continues to wind along the Monongahela River for another 2 miles until you reach the endpoint along Crucible Road in Crucible. The trail ends in Crucible but will eventually extend another 2 miles in the fall of 2019.


Parking and Trail Access
The Millsboro trailhead is off State Route 88 by the Greene Cove Yacht Club (1590 N 88 Road, Clarksville, PA 15322). The parking lot is at the northern end and is marked. Take the far right path up the hill to the start of the Greene River Trail.

The Rices Landing trailhead is located near the Rices Landing Lockwall at 137 Main Street, Rices Landing, PA 15357. There is a parking area at the trail head and public restrooms.

Website Address:
Phone Number: 724-852-5323
Address: Trailhead(s) – Greene Cove Yacht Club and Rices Landing Borough
Brief Summary: Stretches 1.5 miles along the Monongahela River, starting at Mon View Park and ending at Lock #7.

The Greensboro Walking and Biking Trail starts at the Mon View Park and ends at lock #7 on the Monongahela. The park offers public restrooms, playground and a swimming pool. The park also has a roller skating rink that is open from fall to spring.

The walking and biking trail offers views of the Monongahela River. Also, on this trail you can fish the Mon. Come see the Greensboro Walking and Biking Trail and see what it has to offer for you.

Parking is at the Mon View Park. There are public restrooms.

Phone Number: 724-943-3612
Address: 377 Stoney Hill Road
Greensboro, PA 15338
Brief Summary: Mason-Dixon Park was established in the 1970s, the 295-acres of meadow and woodland stretch across the state line to commemorate the great achievement of Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon. The park features hiking trails, ball field, cabins, pavilions and a playground.

Mason-Dixon Historical Park was founded in the 1970s. The park includes many different attractions, from basketball courts and baseball fields, four shelters to rent, an amphitheater for live shows, six hiking trails and one mountain bike trail.

Dunkard Creek is a great fishing destination for all skill levels. The creek winds through both PA and WV. The other water feature you can see on this hike is Tucker Falls and it is named after Dr. Eldon P. Tucker founder of the park.

Each trail has a unique view for the hiker to experience. On the Mason-Dixon Marker Trail see the original stone that was placed by Mason and Dixon. Then, on the West Side and Blue Trail see the beautiful West Virginia sunset.

All these trails show some amazing views and some amazing history all in one park. Join us at Mason-Dixon Historical Park for all the fun.

Parking is available at the park. The park is open from 8:00 a.m. to dusk. There are public restrooms at the park.


Take exit 1 toward Mt Morris/US-19 S, turn right onto Locust Ave, drive 0.5 miles, slight right onto T329/Wades Run Rd. go 308 ft., turn left onto Buckeye Rd., drive 3.5 miles, turn right, destination will be on the left.

Phone Number: 304-879-4101
Address: 79 Buckeye Road
Core, WV 26541
Brief Summary: A 67-mile trail that follows ridge tops for most of its length offering some of the county’s most spectacular views. The trail begins at Greensboro on the Monongahela River and ends just South of Moundsville, West Virginia on the Ohio River.

The Warrior Trail is a 67 mile trail that starts in Greensboro on the Monongahela River and ends in Moundsville, West Virginia on the Ohio River. Much of the trail passes through private property, so be courteous to the land owners and the volunteers who maintain the trail.

The trail is over 5,000 years old and was used by Native Americans for trading and hunting. The trail was first studied by professors at Waynesburg College in the 1930’s.

You can access the trail from any place it intersects a road. To follow the trail, find yellow dots on trees and mileposts to follow the trail.

For more information about the Warrior Trail check out the Warrior Trail Association on Facebook or contact Frank at 724-998-1386.

You can park anywhere along the road that is safe and where the trail intersects the roadway. There are no public restrooms along the trail.

Phone Number: 724-998-1386
Brief Summary: Since 1965, the association has been maintaining a hiking trail based on a 5,000 year-old Indian trail route.

The Warrior Trail Association was formed in 1966 to preserve the history of the 67-mile trail across Greene County and into Marshall County, W.Va. Researchers believe it was an ancient route that Native Americans used over 5,000 years ago for flint, which was used to make sharp tools and was difficult to find in certain areas.

Meetings and a potluck dinner are held at 6:30 p.m. every third Thursday of the month, with the exception of January and February when there are no meetings. The Warrior Trail Headquarters is located on Garards Fort Road in Waynesburg. There is a special guest speaker every month at the meetings.

The Association also holds recreational hikes and work hikes to help maintain the trail.

Directions to Headquarters:

Follow US-19 S for 1.0 mile, turn left onto Rolling Meadows Rd., follow for 2.0 miles, turn right onto Garards Fort Rd., continue on Garards Fort Road for 4.0 miles, destination will be on your left.

Phone Number: 724-998-1386
Address: 1346 Garards Fort Road, Waynesburg, PA 15370
Mail: P.O. Box 103, Waynesburg, PA 15370
Brief Summary: The Waynesburg Unity Trail is approximately 1.5 miles long and offers areas that will be preserved for student research and environmental restoration. The trail is still a work in progress, but it does offer sitting areas and a place for the community to get in the outdoors.

The Waynesburg Unity Trail consists of approximately 2 square miles, including 1.5 miles of walking trails and wooded areas that will be preserved for student research and environmental restoration. The goal is for the trail to be a safe place for students to learn and do research while spending time with nature. The trail is also available to the greater Waynesburg community to enjoy and appreciate nature in an urban setting.

Parking is available on East Wayne Street or at the bottom of Martin Hall on East Franklin Street. Access to the trail is at the top of the hill by Martin Hall. There are public bathrooms in the Stover Building at the top of the hill.

Directions: Take exit 14 to merge onto PA-21 W toward Waynesburg, drive 1.1 miles, use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto US-19 N/E High St/Mt Morris Rd.,
Continue to follow US-19 N/E High St. for 1.4 miles, Turn right onto N Morris St., drive 0.2 miles, Turn right at 1st Alley, destination will be on the right



Address: 51 West College Street
Waynesburg, PA 15370