Glorias Ceramics and Greene Gifts - Christmas Tree

Make your own presents – and enjoy the drive!

“Shop Scenic” could well become the catch phrase for Greene County when the holiday season consists of driving country roads to find that perfect gift. Unique shops stuffed with handcrafted items, delicious eats and bottles of wine are waiting for the day-tripper who is willing to imagine that Greene County is a super mall with miles of rural scenery to be enjoyed between shops.

Miss Rain Day at Mickeys Mens Store

The Anchor Stores of Downtown Waynesburg

In downtown Waynesburg, the genteel storefronts of High Street never stay empty for long. New shops can be an exciting find as entrepreneurs try their hand at serving up that new something that the public is eager to sample. But it’s the anchor stores of downtown Waynesburg that have been around for decades that have the power to draw back fans every season to shop for the quality goods they are known for.

Fischer Antiques

Something Old for the Holidays

What better place to find that perfect antique or collectible gift to give than in an old town that still remembers its past. Every building in Waynesburg bears the stamp of the era that gave it life, from the late 1800s through the roaring 20s to the post War years and those more modern contours. All are stitched together with lamp posts bearing the decorations of the seasons as they come and go.

Waynesburg Milling

Shopping Excursion to Waynesburg’s South Side

A day trip to Waynesburg offers a chance to shop the season for unique gifts while enjoying the historical details that makes this old town a picturesque drive. If there are children on your list who want toys that capture the real world of animals and machinery, or friends with a hankering for the hand made, shop on the South Side of Waynesburg. Add lunch at an artisan eatery and your trip is complete!