The Most Haunted County In America


The far southwest corner of Pennsylvania looks on the surface to be a pleasant rolling, river-cut landscape carpeted with vegetation and trees but, underneath is a bloody history and supernatural reality brimming with ghosts, aliens, and unknown creatures deeming it the most haunted county in America.

Kevin Paul, a native of Greene County, and paranormal researcher, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, take you deep into Greene County’s dark and unexplored corners to uncover a twilight world that exists alongside of us in their book “Haunted Hills and Hollows: What Lurks in Greene County, Pennsylvania.”

Listed below are excerpts from their book of sites explored by Kevin and Rosemary. Take them as your guide for a trip into the countryside as your venture to explore these haunted sites for yourself. You may happen to come face to face with drifting ghosts, strange alien beings, bigfoot, dogmen, spirits of the land and more who roam the suburbs and wilds of Greene County.

Duration: Visits as many sites as you choose at your own discretion.

Road Conditions: Paved to country gravel roads on hillsides. Travel at your own risk.

Site 1: Bigfoot near Mon View Park

Location: Mon View Park, Greensboro, Monongahela Twp. (39.7964756, -79.910662)

Paranormal Activity Description: Sources say that during the 1960s/70s a group of young folks broke into the Mon View swimming pool after hours. Upon being challenged by a man patrolling the property, the kids fled down the nearby railroad tracks and quite literally came face to face with a tall, hairy creature identifiable as Bigfoot.

Site 2: Rectangular UFO Sighting

Location: Masontown Bridge, Cumberland Twp. (39.853433, -79.9271198)

Paranormal Activity Description: In 2015/16, a man was driving to work along the Monongahela River near the Masontown Bridge when he spotted a flying black rectangle with lights hovering in the sky. Other witnesses have reported similar sightings in this area.

Site 3: Haunted Hartley Inn

Location: Hartley Inn, Carmichaels, Cumberland Twp. (39.89688769, -79.97482073)

Paranormal Activity Description: According to the owner of the Hartley Inn in Carmichaels, PA, several employees have seen an apparition of a person in the basement. There is a picture hanging on the wall that is said to resemble this man’s shadowy silhouette.

Site 4: Rices Landing Stovepipe & Mysteries

Location: The Foundry, Rices Landing, Jefferson Twp. (39.94938382, -79.99857934)

Paranormal Activity Description: Stovepipe is a local urban legend of a man beheaded by train and a stovepipe has now taken the place of his head. Apparitions, devil dogs, and creatures known as jawas, are all claimed sightings of spirits spotted near the W.A. Young & Sons Foundry and Machine Shop and along the Greene River Trail.

Site 5: Guiding Hand & the Goat Man

Location:  Sugar Camp Road, Jefferson Twp. (39.90920229, -80.10916227)

Paranormal Activity Description: Another urban legend claims that if you travel along the stretch of Sugar Camp Road you will feel the presence of an unknown entity holding your hand. Witnesses have claimed that a figure known as “the goat man” haunts that road. A Google Earth aerial view of the area was presented to a psychic out of Armstrong County, and with zero prior knowledge of the legend, she claimed to perceive visions of a man with a goat’s head.

Site 6: Apparitions on Mason Ridge Rd.

Location:  Mason Ridge Road, Perry Twp. (39.77941601, -80.08330295)

Paranormal Activity Description: If you travel along the Warrior Trail or Mason Ridge Road you may have an encounter with a tall skinny apparition that wears a top hat that is said to haunt the stretch of road near the cemetery.

Site 7: Unusual Activity in Deer Lick

Location: Deer Lick, Morris Twp. (39.98231629, -80.28092693)

Paranormal Activity Description: At the intersection of Deer Lick Station Rd. and WW Railroad Rd. witnesses have encountered spirits and strange sounds.

Site 8: Spirits of the Crow Sisters

Location: Crow Rock Monument, Richhill Twp. (39.928408391528244, -80.50593938005869)

Paranormal Activity Description: The Crow sisters were massacred by American Indians. A school bus driver from West Greene would frequently park her bus near the location of this historic event. She claims to have witnessed someone coming up from behind the bus and screaming. Others have claimed to see a creature that resembles a baboon with gleaming red eyes.

Site 9: Smokey Hollow Apparitions

Location: North Richhill Twp. (39.961209518622624, -80.46269993772896)

Paranormal Activity Description: Witnesses have heard American Indians singing while in the area.

Site 10: Ryerson Station Bigfoot & Apparitions

Location: Ryerson Station State Park, Richhill Twp. (39.87848151426484, -80.43031548190964)

Paranormal Activity Description: If you take a closer look at the ranger’s house in Ryerson Station State Park, you may notice it stands upon an unnatural land formation. This is said to be some sort of Native American burial ground. Within the park have been claimed sightings of apparitions of people in colonial garb, Native Americans, and creatures that resemble bigfoot.

Site 11: Murdered Woman at Big Tree

Location: Big Tree, Aleppo Twp. (39.80086508680882, -80.51221305931303)

Paranormal Activity Description: A bloody murder was committed by a man who beat his wife to death out in their barn in the southwestern corner of Aleppo Township in the 1890s. The newspaper article states that when this man was caught and accused of murder he committed suicide by laying his head on a railroad track. People claim to see an apparition of a woman in this area who is said to be his murdered wife.

Site 12: Ned Ridge Road Apparition Circles Vehicles

Location: Ned Ridge Rd., Springhill Twp. (39.73522333649913, -80.46995072913971)

Paranormal Activity Description: An apparition of a woman in a dress has been spotted and even photographed as she circles gas workers’ trucks. They believe she may hail from one of the several cemeteries along the stretch of road where most sightings have occurred.

Site 13: Roberts Run Road Cryptids

Location: State Gamelands 179, Gilmore Twp. (39.77420888081049, -80.3659020954059)

Paranormal Activity Description: A man along Roberts Run Rd. ventured out into the forest with a call of a rabbit in distress for coyote hunting when he encountered a large figure with glowing red eyes described as bigfoot.

Site 14: Night Howlers

Location: Hagan Creek Rd., Gilmore Twp. (39.725969528869925, -80.35172412145724)

Paranormal Activity Description: A man living on Hagan Creek Road has claimed to witness a herd of bipedal creatures storming his yard with screaming. He has tried to shoot at these creatures, but bullets never seem to break any flesh.

Site 15: UFO Take-Off Sightings

Location: Stewart Run Rd, near Oak Forest, Center Twp. (39.8300021922888, -80.22904974839206)

Paranormal Activity Description: In the 1950s, a witness claimed to see a UFO take off from the ground near Oak Forest along Stewart Run Rd.

Site 16: UFO Lights and Ascensions

Location: Gilmore Twp. (39.773240920423525, -80.36266637077726)

Paranormal Activity Description: While hunting, a witness became distracted and confused by peculiar lights in the woods. As he began to investigate, a UFO came overhead and lights he had seen ascended into the flying object.

Site 17: Phillips Cemetery Apparitions

Location: Wayne Twp. (39.77291556764099, -80.25038585307722)

Paranormal Activity Description: Apparitions have been sighted in and around Phillips Cemetery in Wayne Township. Strange electromagnetic activity and disturbances are also frequent in the area, and a witness claimed that his dog’s shock collar no longer worked upon entering the haunted site.

Site 18: Greene County Historical Society & Museum Hauntings

Location: Rolling Meadows Rd., Franklin Twp., (39.8895897, -80.1245277)

Paranormal Activity Description: The building that is now home to The Greene County Historical Society and Museum was formerly known as the Greene County Home for the indigent and was the site of many tragic occurrences. In practice, the facility was much like an asylum similar to state hospitals in the region. Beatings, deaths, and violence provide just a roundabout description of the occurrences that left this building haunted by the spirits of those past. Several employees and volunteers have witnessed unexplained footsteps, rearranged objects, and even full body apparitions.

Site 19: Muddy Creek Rd. UFO’s and the Dog Man

Location: Muddy Creek Rd., Cumberland Twp. (39.859758777194614, -80.04784933773203)

Paranormal Activity Description: Along Muddy Creek Rd. in Cumberland Township have been several unexplained sightings of UFOs and what legend describes as the Dog Man.


Discover more in Haunted Hills and Hollows: What Lurks in Greene County Pennsylvania by Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Kevin Paul, now available on Amazon and Kindle.