Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area encompasses eight counties in Southwestern Pennsylvania and offers different tours and attractions. One of the tours is the Carrie Blast Furnaces complex which is located in Rankin, PA.

A tour of the Carrie will show you the process of how they produced steel, the new technology they had when they opened, and the size of the facility will be highlighted. Tickets for the tour should be purchased in advance. Other tours of the site include Carrie Furnaces Arts and Ground Tour and the Carrie Furnaces Iron Garden Walk Tour.

There are five journeys that you can go on. The Big Steel, Mountains of Fire, Fueling a Revolution, Mosaic of Industry and Thunder of Protest Journey. These five different journeys let you explore towns like Homestead, Duquesne, Braddock and many other historic towns in the region.

For more information about the Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area visit www.riversofsteel.com or call (412) 464-4020.



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