Eva K Bowlby Public Library

Eva K Bowlby Public Library

From the outside, Eva K. Bowlby Public Library fits right in with all the other the stately homes on North Richhill Street, built during Greene County’s first gas and oil boom days. Wildcatters and lucky leaseholders of the early 20th century brought their sudden wealth to Waynesburg’s north side and converted pastureland into dream homes. The hillside behind the library was once a turkey farm.

Crucible Mine

Crucible Mine

In 1911, the Crucible Coal Company began to develop Greene County’s second largest mine. Located along the Monongahela River, less than two miles south of Rices Landing, the high quality coal from the Pittsburgh seam was to be shipped to Midland to be converted to coke for the company’s new steel mill.

Dilworth Coal Company - Brice Rush Collection

Dilworth Mine

“Commercial” coal mining in Greene County began in 1902 when the Dilworth Coal Company produced 36,400 tons of Pittsburgh coal from its mine at Rices Landing on the Monongahela River. This appears to be the first mine in Greene County that was supervised and regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Mines.

Bikers along the Greene River Trail

Along the Greene River Trail

If you have been on the Greene River Trail recently, you might have noticed something new. Twenty informational signs were placed along the trail highlighting coal mining, the W.A. Young & Sons Foundry and Machine Shop, the Monongahela River, and wildlife.

Each week, we will release a new blog highlighting one of the signs you will find along the Greene River Trail. Follow along with us – or head out to the trail and see the signs for yourself!

2016 Harvest Festival - Reenactment

The Civil War: A Harvest Festival Retrospective

Born from a fiery gospel writ from burnished rows of steel. Smoke lay heavy under the canopy of the trees and confusion was rampant. The order to “Fire at Will” was given, and shots rang out from all directions. It was difficult to see who was on your left and right. All you had to follow were the commands from the Captain, barely audible and muffled by the sound of rifles firing.  

Museum Façade by Greene County Historical Society

The Story of an Aged Institution

Just before the start of the Civil War legislation was passed in Pennsylvania, and many other states throughout the country, for each county to establish houses to care and support the poor. These houses often started out as converted family homes, usually beginning small in scale and expanding greatly over time.

Mail Pouch Barn by Mitch Kendra

An American Heritage: Mail Pouch Barns

For more than a century, one advertising campaign used an unusual medium to feature the same message: “Chew Mail Pouch Tobacco: Treat Yourself to the Best.” The ad and accompanying slogan – painted on barn sides first regionally, then across the country – was the marketing campaign of the Bloch Brothers Tobacco Company of Wheeling, West Virginia.