Brady’s Roadhouse

Name: Brady’s Roadhouse
Brief Summary: Brady’s Roadhouse opened on January 10, 2020. They are currently serving beer, cocktails and wine. Brady’s Roadhouse will be a steakhouse style restaurant that will be family friendly. Motel rooms are available for rental.

Brady’s Roadhouse opened in January 2020.  It is owned by Brady Gaines and located in West Waynesburg across from Wayne Lumber.

Currently the bar and motel is open for business during all of the renovations that are taking place.  Within the next 8 months, Brady’s Roadhouse will be expanding to a full service restaurant focusing on a steakhouse style menu.  A professional chef will be on staff to provide top quality meals at an affordable price.

Phone Number: 724-627-8129
Address: 555 W High Street
Waynesburg, PA 15370