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Tours of Greene County, PA

From rolling farmland in the summer to snow-covered hills in the winter, from breathtaking vistas in the spring to stunning foliage in the fall, Greene County has it all.

Predominantly rural but overwhelmingly charming, a trip to Greene County is a return to simpler times. Generations call this land home and are proud of its rich agricultural and coal mining history. Outdoor recreation is also a key part of Greene County’s appeal, offering dozens of activities and facilities to keep the young – and the young at heart – at play.

Explore Greene County, Pennsylvania with a self-guided tour from the itineraries found below.

Scott Covered Bridge

Covered Bridges of Greene County

Take a scenic drive through the countryside of Greene County, Pennsylvania to see all seven covered bridges. This guide uses Google Maps to direct you through Southwestern Pennsylvania to explore our countryside.

Suggested Duration: 2 to 4 hours

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Washington & Greene Counties’ Covered Bridges Driving Tour

The Washington & Greene Counties’ Covered Bridges Driving Tour provides essential information needed to plan a single outing or multiple excursions to 30 covered bridges spanning both counties.

The directions provided are based upon moderate road conditions and may not be the most direct routes. Please be aware that many of these bridges are located on roads that are very narrow and are in remote settings. Travel at your own risk.

The Most Haunted County In America

Paranormal Sites

The far southwest corner of Pennsylvania looks on the surface to be a pleasant rolling, river-cut landscape carpeted with vegetation and trees but, underneath is a bloody history and supernatural reality brimming with ghosts, aliens, and unknown creatures deeming it the most haunted county in America.

You may happen to come face to face with drifting ghosts, strange alien beings, bigfoot, dogmen, spirits of the land and more who roam the suburbs and wilds of Greene County.

View of the north side of Waynesburg Pennsylvania

Road Rally: Road Trippin’ in Greene

Looking for a good way to get out of the house? Head out for a drive around Greene County! For your enjoyment, the GreeneScene Community Magazine dug into their archives and brought you a previous road rally route. So pack some snacks and drinks – and a camera to snap some photos of the bucolic beauty found in Greene and let’s head out for a drive. To start this drive, head to the Greene County Fairgrounds entrance along Jefferson Road. Of course, you can pick up this route anywhere you’d like to or only complete part of it – it’s up to you!

This tour was printed in the GreeneScene Community Magazine.

Suggested Duration: 1.5 to 3 hours

Pine Bank United Methodist Church

Self-Guided Driving Tour: Following the Footsteps of Faith

Southwestern Pennsylvania is a truly beautiful place. Spring is upon us, wild flowers are blooming, trees are getting their leaves, and the natural world is blossoming with life. So, let’s all go on a journey and experience the serene beauty of some of our local churches.

This tour was a two-part series by Matthew Cumberledge printed in the GreeneScene Community Magazine.

Suggested Duration: 2 to 4 hours

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Dunkard Creek in Brave

Self-Guided Driving Tour: Daydreaming on Dunkard

Dunkard may be one of the most important of those streams. The headwaters of Dunkard Creek can be found in the hills and valleys of southwestern Greene County and parts of Monongalia County, West Virginia. The Pennsylvania and West Virginia forks of Dunkard meet just west of the village of Brave and form the main channel of a stream that meanders its way back and forth across the state line for nearly forty miles before meeting the Monongahela River just north of Point Marion.

This tour was by Matthew Cumberledge printed in the GreeneScene Community Magazine.

Suggested Duration: 1 to 3 hours

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Race Start during the High Point National

Catch the Thrill of Motor Sports

Catch the fast-paced action of the world’s best professional motor sports athletes in Greene County this summer. From motocross and ATVs racing for first place at High Point Raceway to the thundering sound of tractors and trucks powering down the pull track at the Greene County Fairgrounds. Or head to the Greene County Airport to race your own vehicle down the airport strip! There is something for all to enjoy this summer with motor sports.

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Photograph of the VFW's Freedom Car Show with two red and one blue cars in front of an American Flag roof.

Greene County Car Shows

The vivid red polished to perfection, the chrome glistening in the sun, the smell of car grease and good food mixing together, topped off by the sound of your favorite oldies music. That is the feeling that many Greene County car shows bring you. From drag racing to viewing many makes and models of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even tractors, we have it all.

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View of the north side of Waynesburg Pennsylvania

Google Maps Driving Tour: Historic Cemeteries

Explore several historic cemeteries found throughout Greene County, Pennsylvania during this self-guided driving tour.

Suggested Duration: 2 to 4 hours

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Greene Academy

Google Maps Driving Tour: Route 88

Take a drive parallel to the Monongahela River on one of the oldest state highways in Pennsylvania. Beginning in Point Marion at an intersection with US 119, Route 88 crosses the Monongahela River into Greene County on the Albert Gallatin Memorial Bridge.

Suggested Duration: 2 to 4 hours

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