Greene River Trail

Greene River Trail
Greene River Trail
A 5.2 mile rail trail that runs adjacent to the Upper Monongahela Water Trail greenway providing a tranquil view of the river for its users. Trail accommodates those interested in walking, jogging and bicycling.

About 60 miles south of Pittsburgh, the Greene River Trail parallels the Monongahela River as it winds through the coal mining region of Greene County. Originally used as a rail corridor, the Greene County Department of Recreation opened the trail in 2001 as a nature trail.

Driving through the river valley to the trail, you can glimpse several large coal mining operations just over the east ridge of the river. Remnants of older mine operations that processed and loaded coal onto railroad cars and river barges can still be seen along the trail. It’s easy to imagine the days of old when barges ran up and down the Monongahela River to transport coal to the Ohio and Allegheny rivers in Pittsburgh.

The 5.2-mile trail starts in Millsboro at the Green Cove Yacht Club trailhead. Once on the trail you follow Ten Mile Creek for less than a mile to wh

Greene River Trail view of Monongahela Riverere it flows into the Monongahela River. From there, the trail runs south along the river through a stretch of peaceful, scenic woodlands. The smooth trail surface is well maintained, and the trail is enclosed by rustic wood fencing along much of the route.

You’ll encounter many sweeping views of the mighty Monongahela River and glimpses of the beautiful nature and peaceful surroundings of Greene County. At about mile 3, you enter the town of Rices Landing. As you enter the township, you pass W. A. Young & Sons Foundry and Machine Shop, a restored working 19th-century machine shop open to the public during the summer. Rices Landing, directly on the riverbank, offers a few local amenities to take a break for refreshments or a small bite to eat. You can also to begin your ride from the Rices Landing trailhead.

After Rices Landing the trail continues to wind along the Monongahela River for another 2 miles until you reach the endpoint along Crucible Road in Crucible. The trail ends abruptly in Crucible but will eventually extend another 9 miles to Nemacolin.


Parking and Trail Access
To reach the Millsboro trailhead from State Route 40, take State Route 88 south along the Monongahela River. South of East Millsboro, Route 88 crosses Ten Mile Creek on an Iron Bridge. Cross the bridge and turn left into Greene Cove Marina at the end of the bridge. Follow the trail sign to the parking lot at the northern end.

To reach the Rices Landing trailhead from Route 40, take Route 88 south along the Monongahela River to the town of Dry Tavern. Turn east on State Route 1008. Continue to Rices Landing and look for the signs for the Greene River Trail. There are several parking areas and public restrooms at the Rices Landing.
Trailhead(s) – Greene Cove Yacht Club and Rices Landing Borough